Our Company

In 1928 a man in his early twenties opened a grocery shop in Carlisle Street, Balaclava…

The young man was Myer Lasky and with his wife, he set up his first business venture, an over-the-counter grocery store. After a number of expansions the store became one of the first self-service stores in Victoria.

Typical Projects Include

  • Site acquisition, or amalgamation, of greenfield sites for retail developments
  • Acquisition of existing neighbourhood centres with redevelopment potential
  • Project and investment strategy and analysis of retail development projects
  • Developed an international golf course (QLD), residential estates, hotels and industrial estates

Lascorp has been an active participant in the property development and investment field since its formation in 1972. Lascorp is a Melbourne based Company with operations generally along the eastern seaboard of Australia, but primarily focused in Victoria and Queensland.

Respected as a prolific supplier of new site locations for both Woolworths Ltd and Coles Group Ltd, Lascorp has a proven track record of identifying development opportunities and delivering complex projects.

Lascorp is also an important supplier of completed products to the family investment group and has a strong relationship with a number of major participants in the retail investment sector.

Myer and his sons Michael and Danny, went on to develop St. Kilda biggest supermarket at the time for Coles on the land adjoining their existing supermarket in Carlisle st Balaclava. The original store later became an arcade of shop which still remains today.

And so Lascorp Development Group began…

Today Lascorp Investment Group Pty Ltd, led by Michael Lasky and Matt Lasky, is a specialist retail developer primarily involved in the development and investment of supermarkets and supermarket based shopping centres.