At the core of Lascorp is a team of esteemed property professionals, each a specialist in their respective field. It is this collective expertise that defines us and sets us apart in the property investment landscape.

Our team brings together a wealth of combined experience and an unrivalled depth of knowledge in the property industry. This wealth of expertise positions us as leaders in navigating the intricacies of property development and investment.

Rest assured, when you partner with Lascorp, you are tapping into a source of unparalleled insight and proficiency that ensures the success and excellence of every venture.

Michael Lasky

Executive Chairman

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With over 50 years of experience in property development, Michael Lasky specialises in retail projects, particularly in the development of supermarket-anchored shopping centres.

Rooted in his family’s grocery business background, Michael’s journey began in 1972, transforming a store into a modern supermarket for the Coles Group.

Since then, he has excelled in acquiring and building pre-leased supermarkets for leading retail chains across Australia alongside developing shopping centres primarily on the east coast.

Michael’s influence extends beyond retail, with significant involvement in hotel development in various regions, as well as contributing to substantial residential estates.

Matthew Lasky


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Matthew boasts over 30 years in the property industry, having honed his skills at Collings Commercial Real Estate before joining Lascorp. His journey also led him through the construction industry, providing a solid understanding of construction fundamentals.

Within Lascorp, Matthew takes the lead in lease negotiations with major and specialty tenants. His role extends to managing construction delivery, conducting feasibility studies for asset acquisition, and coordinating new projects with the design/development team.

As the Director overseeing the Group’s investments, Matthew is instrumental in the day-to-day operations of shopping centres and other assets within the portfolio. His wealth of experience contributes significantly to the success and efficient management of Lascorp’s diverse ventures.

Jan Collins

Assistant to Executive Chairman

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Jan Collins brings a wealth of industry experience to Lascorp, having worked with the property arm of Myer Lasky in the 1980s before joining Michael Lasky.

Jan’s current role as Chairman’s Executive Assistant provides invaluable support to Michael.

Additionally, she oversees the day-to-day operations of the Lascorp office, ensuring seamless and efficient functioning. Jan’s expertise and dedication play a pivotal role in the smooth management of responsibilities within the organisation.

Nicole Salter

Financial Controller

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Nicole, a member of Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand, has been a valuable part of the Lascorp team since 2007. Prior to joining Lascorp, she gained professional practice experience in Business Services & Tax, serving a diverse client base, which included the Lascorp Group.

Within Lascorp, Nicole’s responsibilities centre around internal and external financial reporting, as well as managing cashflow, investment, and ensuring tax compliance across the group.

Her extensive knowledge and dedication have been integral to the financial health and regulatory adherence of Lascorp.

Yelena Aizenberg

Senior Bookkeeper – Group Investments

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Since 2008, Yelena has brought bookkeeping expertise to Lascorp and has worked to ensure the smooth running of the office. Her vast experience was gained in a variety of industries spanning many years.

Yelena’s key responsibilities include provision of accurate and timely financial reporting and support to the Financial Controller.

Amy Golvan

Legal Counsel

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Amy has over 20 years’ experience as a lawyer, specialising in commercial real estate.

Before joining Lascorp in 2014, she worked for a global law firm working primarily in property development and commercial leasing and providing advice to private, government and corporate clients.

Amy is intimately involved in all facets of Lascorp’s business which includes acquisition and divestment of assets, commercial and retail leasing, planning and finance matters, amongst many other things.

She is focused on achieving the best commercial outcomes for Lascorp in an efficient manner, whilst maintaining excellent relationships with Lascorp’s extensive networks.

Susan Etches

National Asset Manager

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With over two decades of experience in the retail and property industry, Susan is a seasoned professional. Before becoming a part of Lascorp, she made significant contributions in the retail property management sector at Tier 1 Agencies. Susan adeptly managed retail properties and led property management teams for external clients. Additionally, she accumulated several years of experience managing internally for a commercial owner/developer.

Susan’s expertise spans shopping centres, large format retail, standalone retail, and developing retail sites. This diverse background seamlessly aligns with her role in asset management for the Lascorp portfolio. Susan brings a robust focus on driving asset optimization while ensuring best practices are consistently maintained. Her wealth of experience adds immense value to the strategic management of Lascorp’s assets.

Candice Amenta

Assistant National Asset Manager

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For 14 years, Candice has lived and breathed real estate. She has worked from the ground up, starting as a receptionist and eventually moving into property management.

Candice’s passion for retail, combined with her years of residential property management experience perfectly position her for this new undertaking in the Lascorp team.